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Here in the MOROTAI online shop you can buy your new football for the football field, the barbecue area or the training in the football club. MOROTAI men's footballs combine robust durability with aesthetic design and timeless style. Besides a new football, you can also find basketballs and sportswear in our online shop,

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Over the last two centuries, football has won the hearts of millions, if not billions of people worldwide. In Germany, this team sport is the number one sport - full stadium ranks, high viewing figures and can be found in every school yard. MOROTAI has suitable sportswear for men and training balls, tailored to the needs of the athlete.

From the age of 14 years, teenagers and adults use this ball as standard in size 5 football. The spherical ball of this football size weighs an average of 420 grams and has a circumference of approximately 68.5 cm. The rebound height is 135.6 cm, which is also in the optimum range according to FIFA specifications.

Made of 6 sewn PU segments and an inner bladder made of latex, the footballs should be pumped up regularly and are pleasing to the eye due to their durability. The robust ball maintains the required air pressure almost constantly even after 2000 shots at 50 km/h onto a metal plate.

Like the Men's sportswear by MOROTAI, the footballs also have a timeless aesthetic design - geometric patterns, a minimalist choice of colours and dynamic design. Good soccer balls that look great - here you can buy your new ball!

High quality footballs for training & leisure

MOROTAI's soccer balls are especially suitable for training in club sports on grass and artificial turf - but the spherical sports equipment can also be used wonderfully with buddies on the soccer field, on a family outing on the barbecue meadow or during a soccer game in the backyard.

After use, the footballs should be cleaned thoroughly and carefully with water and dried well with a cloth. It is also important to store the balls in a dry place until they are next used on the football pitch - the balls are well stored in a ball net, for example.

The new footballs are usually delivered without air - before use they should of course be inflated. You will get optimal results for club sports if you inflate them with an air pressure gauge. The best air pressure for football size 5 is 0.7 - 0.9 bar. This should be checked and pumped up weekly.

In addition to the optimal training ball, club and hobby players can also find new football clothing for team sports in the MOROTAI online shop. The multifunctional shorts can be combined for example with a quick-drying functional shirt or the jersey of your team. For warming up you can wear a sporty jogging suit, consisting of Sports Hoodie and Sweatpants ...in the middle of the night. This looks especially cool with MOROTAI football.

In the MOROTAI online shop you can find not only soccer balls but also basketballs and the corresponding basketball clothing, which is also suitable for other sports. Everything is kept in a classic clean design and in the colour spectrum of black, white and shades of grey and can therefore be freely combined with each other.

MOROTAI Basketballs

A good basketball should comply with the international basketball rules in size and weight and should have a good grip. The MOROTAI Basketball in basketball ball size 7 is perfectly designed for basketball and lies well in the hand. Furthermore, with a weight of 620 g and a circumference of 74 cm, it is the right basketball size for men's basketball.

Made of 8 panels sewn and glued together, the easy-grip basketball with the textured PU surface is ideal for indoor basketball indoors as well as for outdoor basketball on the hard court or in the backyard. The play equipment is padded with fleece and contains a bladder made of latex.

With the large MOROTAI logo print on the NBA-sized basketball ball, you're making a commitment to the company philosophy: There's a warrior in everyone, all you need is stamina, discipline and a strong will. Then you can achieve your sporting goals, even in basketball.

Practical basketball for training and leisure

Whether as a training ball for sweaty basketball training or as a leisure ball for relaxed basketball throwing with your buddies: The basketball from MOROTAI has the perfect rebound characteristics both indoor and outdoor on the basketball court. Here you can buy your cool basketball.

Order a new one. Basketball jersey together, grab your basketball and let's go! Finally, for motivation, a quote from basketball legend Michael Jordan: "Some want it, some wish it, and others make it happen.

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