Sports bra for the workout

Sports bras


The right sports bra is important for every training outfit. It supports the breast against vibrations, stabilizes the back and adapts to every body movement. MOROTAI sportswear has a long life span due to its high-quality workmanship and can be combined freely with everything thanks to its timeless design. The feminine lines of the bra discreetly emphasise the curves of the sportswoman without distracting from the essential.

Sports bras for the active woman

There are sports bras in different designs with different support forces for training sessions of varying intensity. The MOROTAI Sportsbra is perfectly suited for light and medium force effects on the breast, e.g. during fitness training, gymnastics, winter sports or climbing. The underbust band and the material of the bra are decisive for good support.

The sports bras from MOROTAI ensure a secure hold with an elastic, supporting underbust band that is softly processed and the reinforced fabric that fits tightly and is made of functional material. There are no metal underwiring or pre-formed cups, which makes it very comfortable and does not pinch. With the wide, soft straps that adapt individually to the shape of the body, the bra leaves no marks after wearing and, thanks to the cut at the back, offers full freedom of movement even during complex movements.

The breathable material of which the Sportsbra is made, conducts the sweat to the outside and thus prevents salt crystals from rubbing against the chest. Moisture-regulating and supple, the sports bra thus ensures a pleasant body climate and a dry feeling when worn. Special mesh inserts in some bra models provide even better ventilation and cooling.

Because the MOROTAI sports bra offers support and adapts individually to every movement, you can concentrate and perform with complete freedom. The MOROTAI briefs also fit comfortably and are ideal for your workout.

A sports bra for many forms of exercise

Sports bras are mainly worn for sports, but also as a trendy style break in the fashion sector, as comfortable loungewear or as part of sporty, casual streetwear. Even without a shirt over it, the sports bra can be worn during training. Due to the reduced choice of colours and the timeless design, it fits every pair of sports trousers, whether short or long.

The MOROTAI sports bras can generally be combined with all sporty outfits, but they look especially cool with tops that are cut lower at the back or transparent. Especially to the MOROTAI leggings The sports bras, which are perfectly matched in terms of colour, are an excellent optical fit and complement the upmarket, sporty and feminine style.

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