Sports trousers for women

Sports trousers


MOROTAI has the right ladies sports pants for your workout. Our Leggings , Shorts and Sweatpants combine high-end fashion with practical function and are absolute must-haves in every women's wardrobe. They are versatile and can be worn during training as well as in leisure time.

Sports pants for women: Everything from shorts to leggings to sweatpants

The MOROTAI sports fashion range includes a wide variety of sports trousers for women: whether short, ¾ or long, whether white or black, tight or loose, you will definitely find something here.

The breathable fabric of the ladies' fitness pants is made of high-quality material for a long life with proper care. The stylish cut is complemented by the feminine lines.

The stretchy, functional material releases sweat directly into the air and ensures a dry feeling when worn. Wide, elastic waistband material adapts individually to the body and offers good support. Breathable mesh inserts not only look cool but also provide a comfortable body feeling during the workout.

Sports trousers with mobile phone pocket

With smart details such as multifunctional pockets, your training gadgets such as mobile phone, membership card or locker key are well stored. So you have your hands free during training, you won't be distracted and you won't lose your things. The cable openings on the pockets of the sports trousers ensure that your mobile phone cannot fall out and the cable does not slip. This allows you to listen to motivating music while exercising without restrictions.

The variety of sports trousers and their use

Sports trousers are the be-all and end-all of the training outfit - nobody would think of training in tight jeans or a business skirt. Depending on the occasion, weather and season, different training pants for women come into question. Here the question arises: Which tracksuit trousers suit you best?

During fitness training or on the treadmill many sportswomen like to wear long tights or capri leggings . These long sports trousers are either ankle-length or in the ¾ cut, particularly elastic and convince with their comfortable fit, the stretchy waistband and the climate-regulating properties. Some sport leggings also have intelligent details such as mobile phone pockets and cable routing. Some sport tights are also available as short versions, which are often worn for example when cycling or as an additional layer under sports skirts. Many female runners and ball sportsmen wear shorts over their tights when it is cold outside.

Fitness leggings can be found everywhere. Whether on the boulder wall, running in the park, on the bike, in the gym or on the sports field, leggings have become standard in women's sportswear. You can wear MOROTAI women's tights with all our sports bras, shirts, sports jackets and hoodies. They can also be combined to a sporty casual look in your free time.

Ladies' sweatpants are, as the name suggests, good for jogging. However, this classic sports pant can also be used variably in other sports such as in the gym or during outdoor training. The slim carrot shape of the comfortable MOROTAI sweatpants looks classy and makes these ladies' jogging pants also suitable for everyday use and chic. With smart details such as reflectors, zips and hidden multifunctional pockets with cable routing, some models stand out particularly.

When temperatures are high, many sportswomen reach for the short sports shorts for women: the versatile sports shorts. They are either tight like a second skin or have an airy, light cut and are very popular among women's fitness shorts because they are not only comfortable to wear but also have a particularly feminine figure.

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